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Mexican Apron

A chef’s best friend, our apron follows us wherever we go: grocery shopping, seasoning the main dish, even while washing the dishes it is there, attached to us, one of our most beloved items when it comes to Mexican cuisine.

At first, the European merchants where the ones who wore it back in the 20th century, but cooks were the ones who were more concerned about its greatness in the kitchen. There are different styles, but there’s no doubt that the Mexican one is a special one.

Its beauty is based not only on its colors and ornaments, but specially on its functionality, as it’s the perfect place to put small utensils while we cook. Keys, recipes, candies, money, even small peppers, you name it, Mexican chefs have everything they need, kitchen wise or not, on their apron.

Why is your apron important to you? Let us know its personal value.

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