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Recipes with chili

We are excited to introduce you to a variety of irresistible recipes that highlight the flavor and versatility of our chili products. From canned chili peppers to hot sauces, our options let you create delicious, authentic dishes. Whether you are looking to add a spicy touch to your tacos, enchiladas or stews, or you want to explore new flavor combinations, at San Marcos we have everything you need to make your meals an experience full of flavor and Mexican tradition. Join us on this culinary journey and discover how our San Marcos chile products can transform your dishes into true masterpieces of Mexican cuisine. Get ready to enjoy the authentic spicy flavors that only San Marcos can offer!

Pork fillet with pineapple chipotle glaze

Eggs casserole with Mexican chipotle sauce

Stuffed Jalapeños San

Rice bowl with vegetables and octopus in chipotle sauce

Chicharrón in green sauce

Hawaiian elbow soup

Frittata de chicharrón

Divorced eggs

Chipotle sausages and pasta

Chicken salad with vinaigrette and "rajas"


Chipotle chicken fajitas

Jalapeños stuffed with cheese and bacon

Chorizo with potatoes and jalapeño slices

Hot dog with chopped jalapenos

Potato pancakes with chopped jalapeños

chicken wrap